“At age 34, I could not stand upright. Through regular therapy sessions with Jill – in conjunction with treatment from my doctor – I avoided back surgery and resumed a normal, active life with three young children.”

“Jill Nader’s training and expertise in helping manage a variety of musculoskeletal issues has been invaluable to my patients for years.”

“Jill’s approach gets to the core of the mechanical problems which accumulate over time from arthritis, injury or overuse.”

“Jill has a unique ability to incorporate traditional physical therapy training with a combination of pilates based strengthening and myofascial release techniques, individualizing each person’s program according to their specific strengths and weaknesses.”

“I STAND today being able to do all the things I love because of Jill’s care and commitment. I can’t thank her enough.”

“Jill’s positive, upbeat personality makes a session with her a great experience. This is the only place in the city to go!”