home_pilatesPilates is a form of mind body exercise which teaches you how to hold your body in its optimal alignment. We then teach you how to use the deepest abdominals, hip muscles and lower back musculature to support your spine. The goal is that you actually retrain how your body moves and works so that you can carry this over to your everyday life and activities such as running, golf, dance and others.

Prehab is a newly evolving trend in health care that promotes taking an active lead in your health care and physical fitness to prevent injuries before they happen. Our Pilates classes follow that philosophy, arming you with the proper movements and exercise to help keep you injury-free.

Private Pilates for Fitness Classes
Our Pilates instructors can develop a personalized training program for you using Pilates techniques. These private sessions can be one on one or in duets. We also offer private group mat classes for parties or corporate events.

Group Pilates Classes
Prehab Pilates and Physical Therapy offers group Reformer/Tower classes in the Pilates method. You don’t have to be injured or in a post rehab phase to take our classes. We offer safe yet intense exercise to improve your body’s performance whether you are an athlete, a dancer or someone just wanting to get in better shape and look good in your clothes!

Although Pilates is considered a gentle approach, it is not easy. So regardless of your level, our dedicated instructors will work closely with you to teach you proper form – not merely take you through routine choreography. You will feel and see your body change – the result of your hard work and the guidance of our exceptionally trained professionals.

  • Classes are small – no more than four clients—so our instructors can monitor form closely.
  • Many of our instructors have studied extensively with leaders in the Pilates industry.
  • All of our instructors are expert at training individuals recovering from injuries; We ensure a safe yet effective workout. Pilates is a gentle but definitely not an easy workout!
  • All levels of fitness are welcome.
  • We customize the classes to fit your goals, for a better looking and better functioning body!

Pilates for Kids — “Wee Move” at Prehab Pilates
This is a specialized kids’ class for ages 3-6, developed by Jill Nader. It is a parent / child interactive class which combines yoga, Pilates, dance and relaxation techniques for preschoolers. The class teaches components of breathing, proper posture, coordination, flexibility, relaxation and self-care. We also include such themes as the importance of respecting our bodies and those around us. This class is a great way for busy parents to slow down and spend some quality time with their child doing something fun and good for them!

Pilates for Kids —
Tummy Time
Jill is a certified Tummy Time™ instructor in this technique developed by Michelle Emmanuel, OT. This is a unique class for a parent and an infant, newborn to four months. It teaches parents loving techniques to improve a baby’s ability to tolerate Tummy Time – important for proper head development, strength for rolling, lifting their heads and even forming speech (i.e. brain development).

Due to the amount of time babies now spend on their backs – in car seats, bouncy seats etc. — many are not getting the stimulation they need. There are many benefits to being on their tummy, but this position is often neglected because babies do not like it. This class teaches ways to interact with your infant to help them transition and learn to tolerate Tummy Time.

Jill can take these classes to a school. Please contact her directly if you are interested.